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The Night She Got Lucky (Dog Walkers #2) by Susan Donovan


I am so sick and tired of this helpless women who want love and loving touch and then comes the loving touch. FUCK YOU.

I love a good romance even if it’s far stretched. But it’s painful to read how desperate women are and how without any fucking self respect. Atleast if you are having one night stand do it with fucking style.

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Language of Evil by Robert Beattie

One star. I have been waiting to read this book. You know police procedure, murder, jealous and psycho husband, true crime!! How can anyone go wrong with it. Right?? WRONG!! It was so boring.. It felt like a bored talentless boring teenagers diary. Trust me,. You don’t have to read this…

All of us who “saw” the book cover knows who the killer is. The writer dint even bother to make it little interesting. The book was all He(killer) said that, he said this, and in between his(writers) own thoughts.. Need I say more??


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Dan And Nat Got Married by Jon Rance


Oh my god.. there is something wrong with me.. I don’t like this book.. it was boring, not very funny and I knew what was going to happen. Contrary to all the other reviews actually. I was sure I would like it.. forget about liking.. I was bored and dint find any part funny.

I am worried about my self.

You read the synopsis you will know the story. I dint problem with the story but 30% into the book I knew it was going to bad but it turned out too forced upon.
– via Goodreads

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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman



It starts all nice and slowly stars growing and very silently creeps behind you and slowly bends over your shoulder and see you with the black blank eyes.

Fuck the book is dark and BRILLIANTLY written. How can one get across a point in such a short story about such a serious issue and how ignorantly stupid people can be. Damn. I am creepily impressed.
– via Goodreads

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Womanizer (Manwhore, #4) by Katy Evans


A small town girl who wants prove herself in a big city and her first job as a intern and of course she is hot boss and she is attracted to him not knowing him t be her super rich and super handsome boss who also happened to be her brothers best friend who she never met. He is all hot and cocky and not in dress code so she thinks he is mail fucking man. Obviously she is attractive and she talks about her body and how many freckles she has all over body to a super hot guy and then she sees him a pub again he is super everything and her friend asked to keep away from him and that her brother will not be happy and SHE STILL THINKS HE IS FUCKING MAILMAN.

Our boy even after she tell him that she is a intern and that her BROTHER got her the job and he is kind of bothered by it but he does not know this “innocent” girl who stalks him daily in the name of smoke and dances in a pub for him and seduces him and sleeps with him. They both don’t know their names even after talking for ever and then sleep and then wake up, he does not realise that she is his best friends sister.

Now you might not believe if i say that the book actually kind of fine but I could not take it. I need a smart romance than the usual bullshit.
– via Goodreads

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The Help

I was thinking way too much about rating this book, 3 or 4 stars?? I liked it but so much so that I give it 4 stars? Then I decided on 3 stars because this book is about the unfairness to blacks and how arrogant and unfair whites are. Its never that simple. There were thousands of whites who fought for this cause too. I don’t like what happened to blacks and how unfair they were to humans who are not of their colour tone. And I don’t like how they were bastards to Indians. So the 3 stars are more for that reason. I don’t like human trying to prove they are grater than someone just because they have a different colour tone. 
   Anyways the book was good. I liked some characters and I disliked some, even the good ones. The wrting was interesting and the story was good. Its from the other point of view. I liked how the arrogant white crowd was against who ever supported the blacks and how this books shows the kind of huge place “help” has in a House. They practically raise their kids, feed them do everything and be a part of the house but not really. I liked how Aibileen is such important part of the she kids she raised and how kids love her more than their own white mothers. I liked especially how Aibileen tries to bring change in the next generation by doing small stuff. I like how Minny is so strong, She is awesome. I dint actually like Skeeter. I dint like her character. even if she helped them out.
     But What i don’t understand is, its not THAT great of a book to go ga ga over. [a:Kathryn Stockett|1943477|Kathryn Stockett|] created some really bitchy characters and the not so great White characters even if they were good they had very small part in the book. And Blacks were all doormats. I guess I can understand that but there is a situation where the White crowd beats the shit out a black boy who uses their bathroom. She would have make it little better. Actually if she was not scared of the controversy the book would have been great I guess. For me this book was mediocre.